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Ask Jeremy Jones

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Blogtalkradio with denise

Denise Griffitts – Your Partner in Success BlogtalkRadio

Denise interviews Dixie on the Four Brick Walls and her Blast Thru technique for blowing them up!

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Dynamite Live – Dixie presents “Blasting Thru Brick Walls” for The Go-Network.

Focusing on understanding how brick walls separate us from our true dreams and how we can use four simple “blasting cap” questions, followed by one dynamite challenge, to blast right through them.

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Full Blast interview for IBAL’s BlogTalk Radio show.

Dixie shares case studies and insights on how to “blast thru” your barriers to success.

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Brief interview with friend and colleague, Bob Burg, on the four types of “brick walls” – those barriers that hold us back from pursing our dreams and doing what we really want to do.

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In this interview with online marketing maven, Russ Henneberry, you will learn:

•The 5 P’s needed to overcome the barriers to success
•How to build a successful business by being a GIVER
•How to tap into the power of Stratospheric Success
•Why you can win in business without someone else losing

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