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IN THEIR OWN WORDS… Private coaching clients, mastermind members, and workshop participants share their experience and outcomes.

scott“I have many teachers and mentors, but only one coach. Dixie is a class unto herself as a coach, as a muse, as an empowerer and as a fire starter. Because I work with Dixie, my writing is better, my thinking is clearer, my life is richer. Dixie is living proof of the need for human cloning – every entrepreneur needs a Dixie and there is only one.”  

Scott Ginsberg ~Hello My Name is Scott, LLC

Bob Burg“I have personally been on the phone with Dixie when I had challenges in my business and when I had interpersonal challenges that affected my business. She is a wonderful, wonderful coach. She asks the tough questions, she draws out the information from you, and she helps you come up with your own solutions, which is what a coach really does. Dixie helps you bring out your effectiveness and I strongly encourage you to choose to be a part of one of her coaching programs.”  

Bob Burg, speaker ~ author “Endless Referrals,” co-author “The Go-Giver,” “Go-Givers Sell More,” and “It’s Not About You.”

ana“Dixie has the amazing ability to hold her clients “toes to the fire” and create realistic expectations and boundaries while also being an authentic, respectful and loving presence.” 

Ana Gabriel Mann ~ Corporate Compensation Analyst

suebmo“I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years, so I’m used to making all the decisions and figuring things out for myself. For the first time, I don’t feel alone in my business and it’s wonderful! I’m still making all the decisions and figuring things out for myself, but at a much deeper level. As a result of Dixie’s coaching, I’m making far wiser decisions and learning to trust my gut instincts more.I can’t begin to tell you how supported I feel and how, as a result, I feel like I can soar like never before! Thank you, Dixie, for making such a difference in such a short time. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”   

Susan Baroncini-Moe ~ Business in Blue Jeans

jeanne“Dixie is one of those bodhisattva-types who’s made it to the top of the mountain but came back to help others do the same. Going into my Blast Thru session I felt resistant to speaking my silly “I can’t”s aloud. But — as someone who’s done the work of blasting through herself — Dixie provided a safe atmosphere of non-judgment and guided me through an inquiry that transformed my “I can’t”s from silliness into stepping stones. I finished the session with a fresh perspective and actionable steps to take.

Jeanne Demers ~ The Ruby Books

rena“Dixie is dynamite, no kidding.  She holds me accountable, makes it safe for me to ask for help, and guides me through those darn bricks with calm, clear and tenacious kindness.  She has an incredible ability to say the right thing without placating me; reframing my view of something that needed to change.  She pushes me through fear to the bright side where clarity of purpose and the tools to deliver it are waiting for me.  She is a masterful guide and coach.” 

Rena Delevie ~ The Roundtable Business

greg“Dixie is an amazing person. Her insight, candor, and go-giver mindset are infectious. I’ve never “met” anyone who has impacted my mindset as much as she has… I’m so thankful for the time she has shared with me. It is incredibly valuable and appreciated.”

Greg Britton ~ Mortgage Specialist, Prime Lending

lynne“Getting from “A” to “B” was a daunting concept to me. I knew my career had value and I wanted to accelerate the value. Working with Dixie helped me understand my natural/innate abilities. We tore apart some paradigms like; how do I work, how do I think, how do I get in my way? Dixie asks the tough questions ….. the really tough questions and she frames them in a way that you have to really think and connect to bubble up a response. These responses are gold! The unexpected learning from all of this is I found what “lights my fire”, what my passion is. Now I’m working in my “exhilaration zone” and I can see how that affects others and they carry that forward to their purpose.If you truly want quantum leap paradigm shift change, Dixie is the one.”

Lynne Wilhite ~ Regional Sales Territory Manager at Hettich Instruments

barb“Wow!  ‘Dynamite’ is the perfect nickname for Dixie.  She helped me make HUGE visionary strides in my business, in less than 30 minutes! In a very short amount of time, Dixie was able to clearly analyze my stumbling blocks, which are the issues of delegation and team-building. By implementing her ideas, I will be able to quickly grow my business and my team. I came away from the call feeling as though the ‘dots are now connected’ and the road to success is much clearer!  Thank you, Dixie!”

Barb Smed ~ Owner/Broker, Northwest Iowa Realty

BARB“We all encounter roadblocks in our lives. Most of the time, it is easy to find a way around them. Sometimes though, we can’t see which direction to head at all and our forward progress is halted.This was my case a year ago when Dixie offered her first Blast-Through Coaching program. I felt stuck in the same place, knew where I wanted to go, but was lacking the focus and plan on how to get there. Dixie helped me discover the obstacles I had placed in my own way and gave me valuable tools to eliminate them.She was able to zero in on what was holding me back and worked with me to create a roadmap to move forward.Not only is my existing business flourishing, but thanks to working with Dixie, I was able to let go of my blocks and launch a new venture as well.”

Barbara Abramson ~ Certified Go-Giver Coach/Send Out Cards Independent Consultant

jeremy“Can’t say enough how much I appreciate you and the time you are spending pouring into us.  You are really helping me to dig much deeper with regards to my Success Map and strategies for applying the five laws. You just have such a smooth and relaxed style of inspiring the best in me.  Thank you so much!”

Jeremy Martin ~ Launchrepreneurs, Inc.

jason“Dixie Gillaspie is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She has a gift that allows her to help you see inside yourself, in order to help you along your journey to an improved self. She cares deeply for those she accepts as clients. She challenges the status quo as well as conventional thinking and her energy is literally contagious.”  

Jason Stroede ~ Clarus Wealth Management Services

chad” I would not be in the position I am today without Dixie’s help. She has been with us every step of the way as my business partner and I developed our business from concept to reality. Her business and interpersonal skills are exemplary, her knowledge is unparalleled, and her ability to get a true “feel” for the situation, whatever that situation may be – is unmatched. In a world where everyone seems to be a “coach/consultant”, Dixie stands out head and shoulders above the rest – she truly is one of a kind. If you are looking for resources that will facilitate growth in your business or personal life, there is no other choice.”

Chad Estes ~ Performance … Improved: Movement and Embodied Cognition

kevin“Dixie is a truly amazing person. She simply doesn’t know the meaning of the word “can’t” and refuses to let her friends and colleagues learn the meaning either. She is honestly and sincerely passionate about what others are passionate about. She asks the tough questions in such a manner that makes one think and help one truly understand the best way to move forward.Not the easiest way, but the best way. The greatest crime one can commit in Dixie’s eyes is to merely float along and not do what is best for the community, your customers, your employees, and for you. She lives and breathes a give first attitude and the people who know her are all better for it.”

Kevin Pannebecker ~SI of Eastern Missouri

dyson“Dixie truly is what you would expect from a coach. She is very articualte in helping you reach decission and understand complexity and the simplicity in business. She also makes it easy and fun to do business with her.I highly recommend anyone get to know her and use her talents.”

Dyson Barnett ~LIFT Networks