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Leading With My Left

Posted by on 4-27-14

Is that ALL That You Yam?

Posted by on 12-11-10

Coaching Yourself to Win

Posted by on 11-28-10

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Free to a Good Home – Dreams

Posted in Blog, Perpetual Happiness, Unlimited Life | 15 comments

I’ve been cleaning out my closet. And I’m getting rid of a lot. Of dreams. Not because they are too big. Not because they are too small either. But because they aren’t right for me. Here we are, about to begin another year. Arguably, we begin a new year every day. But we, the “civilized people of the Western World” have chosen to designate January 1 as the beginning of a New Year, and it’s as good a date as any to spend in celebration and contemplation. (Side note: birthdays are also good. Sundays too. As are Wednesdays and anniversaries and days of no consequence whatsoever except that they are your days to do with as you choose.) So, in this week of celebration and contemplation leading up to the magical moment when the clock is reset and time begins anew, I spent some time reviewing my dreams. They looked a lot like my closet often looks – some spots on the rack crowded with bright colors and rich neutrals while other spots show gaps where favorite wear-so-often-they-never-make-it-back-to-the-closet pieces are supposed to be. Fancy-frillies are hung at the far end where they are seldom noticed, while walk-the-dog hoodies snuggle up to speak-to-roomfuls-of-people jackets and skirts. I gave myself the same challenge I periodically use...

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Sometimes You’re the Dragon, Sometimes You’re the Bug

Posted in Blog, Unlimited Life, Unstoppable Business | 29 comments

I have dragons in my life. I am blessed to have MANY dragons who have come along to rescue me from shredding my wings.

I’ve also had the opportunity to rescue a few dragonflies. Some flew thankfully on their way, some determinedly beat their wings against the screen.

Regardless of your role, dragon or dragonfly, just remember – you were BORN to fly!

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Hey Entrepreneur – You Need More Heads, Not More Hats

Posted in Blog, Unstoppable Business | 2 comments

Most entrepreneurs I work with fall toward the “Fluid and Responsive” end of the continuum, so the hats that they continually fight to make fit are scheduling, follow up, organization, replication, and delegation (which is both a mindset challenge and a natural traits challenge.)

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The Siren Call of Doing it All

Posted in Blog, Unlimited Life | 2 comments

The answer to, “How do I fit everything I want to accomplish into this lifetime?”

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What Do You Stand For – and Do You Have the Right to Defend It?

Posted in Blog, Unstoppable Business | 2 comments

When you, as an individual or an organization, put yourself in a position where you cannot afford to socially, contractually, legally, or ethically, control who you buy from and sell to, who you hire as a contractor or employee, who you partner with or otherwise associate with, you have abdicated your right and ability to control your reputation, your culture, and your brand.

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How to See Someone’s True Colors – Shine a Little Light

Posted in Blog | 1 comment

It was Mother’s Day morning. A cool, lazy day shaping up to be sunny later on, when a lesson landed on my lawn. Our year-old puppy found it first. I let him out to do what he does, smiling to watch him. He’s a gangly teenager now, looking more like a half-grown wolf than the baby bear we named him for. He ambled out on long legs and huge paws, his shepherd ears moving forward and back like satellite...

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Leading With My Left

Posted in Blog, Doses, Unlimited Life | 7 comments

What happens when you ignore a “pattern interrupt?” When that pattern interrupt is your body trying to tell you that something is amiss (I wrote about the pattern interrupt we call pain in the last post) you end up learning a few more lessons. As I mentioned in that post, the last 18 months have offered many personal and professional challenges. I got sick, I published one book and completed another. I lost some friends, I gained some amazing but challenging...

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