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The “35 Female Visionaries You Need To Know” List from The Rise to the Top

If having a powerful vision makes one a “visionary” then I qualify.

David Siteman Garland, founder, host and visionary behind The Rise to the Top, thought I qualified when he listed me as one of his “35 Female Visionaries You Need to Know.”

I was delighted to find myself in the company of other St. Louis visionaries (and luminaries) like Maxine Clark of Build-A-Bear, Dani Apted Schlottman of the St. Louis Aces and Ria Sharon and Suzanne Tucker of My Mommy Manual.

My good friend and cohort, Dafna Michaelson of The Journey Institute, was also on the list along with nationally recognized success mavens like Pamela Slim, Ali Brown, Alexis Martin Neely and Patti Stang.

So nice to have my “vision” recognized and to be placed in the company of so many women I respect!





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