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As a consultant and coach I’ve been exposed to, and utilized, many methods of creating and supporting transformation. I’ve learned, however, that it isn’t the method that matters most to my client’s progress, but the principles and beliefs that underlie the methods.

It’s important, actually, it’s vital, for us to be in sync on these beliefs if you’re considering inviting me to partner with you in eliminating your life-limiting barriers and creating success on your terms.

  • I BELIEVE that if your life, and your work as an extension of your life, does not serve you, it ultimately serves no one. Because you are the energy force in your life and work, if that energy is not fed, you will have no way to serve, nothing left to offer, and that leads to burn-out and dysfunction.
  • I BELIEVE that success has nothing to do with money, money is only a symbol of value. Which doesn’t mean that making money isn’t important, success only comes when you are compensated in proportion to the value that you contribute. But I know that when you put your energy into attaining the things that matter most (many of which will be material, and will cost money) you’re far more likely to achieve your goals than if you set your sights on a dollar figure.
  • I BELIEVE that all knowledge, change, and achievement begin within. Look outside yourself for ideas, insights and inspiration, but look inside for truths and direction. What best serves another person, or business, may not serve you.
  • I BELIEVE that any success that is not on your terms, or requires that you become someone other than your authentic self, is superficial and unsustainable.
  • I BELIEVE that there is no brick wall that can’t be turned into rubble, no barrier that can’t be gotten over, through, or around, and no “I can’t” that can’t be turned into “Can too!”

If those beliefs don’t resonate with you, if they aren’t truths you desire to make your own, that’s perfectly okay. We all choose the truths that serve us, that support our journey to what we need to learn and where we want to go.

If these principles sound like something you’d like to make your own, or if you want to learn how to apply them to your life and business, you might want to explore how coaching fits into your success plan, or how one of my Group Coaching Courses might be a perfect starting point for you.