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An Unlimited Life



Just Blow it Up

-Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life



“What we need isn’t rah-rah encouragement or criticism. It isn’t tough love, or even comfort. We need tools; we need ammunition; we need a plan of attack!”

We all have them. Brick walls; those barriers that make our dreams seem impossible and our lives feel limited.  Every time we say “What I’d really like to do is…” and follow it with “But I can’t because…” we add another brick to the wall. If we add enough bricks, we limit our possibilities. We limit our life.

Dixie has been refusing to accept “can’t” since she was old enough to stand on her own two feet, and she’s been teaching people how they can say “I can too! Just watch me!” for nearly 20 years.

The message they’ll take away:
  • Nothing we want is out of reach, but just wanting isn’t enough.
  • It takes more than clichés and platitudes to shift your thinking.
  • Fear is normal, even necessary, but it isn’t a reason to quit.
  • If “just do it” were enough, you’d have “just done it already.”
  •  “Can’t” isn’t actually a word. It’s a contraction for “can not.” And that is our choice – we can. Or we can not.
  • There is a process that reveals our barriers, and provides the firepower to “just blow them up.”

In this firepower-packed presentation, Dixie takes on issues like negative self-talk and the permission we give others to sabotage our happiness. She tackles sacrifice and procrastination, failure and surrender. She gives examples of how fear can play a role in creating success, and how to escape from the “crabs” who try to hold us back. She illustrates the Four Types of Walls that are most destructive to big dreams and daily goals.

She shares a step-by-step process for challenging the barriers, weakening the walls, and finally applying the real dynamite to blast right on thru!

The tools they’ll take away:
  • How to diagnose their own brick walls.
  • How to differentiate between barriers, boundaries and barricades.
  • How to crystallize their vision of true success.
  • How to recognize when their choices won’t move them toward what they desire.
  • How to use the four “blasting cap” questions – the same coaching process that Dixie uses with her private clients – to challenge their subconscious assumptions about “impossible.”
  • How to determine next steps – and take them!


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Dixie Gillaspie Speaker Sheet 2013