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An Unstoppable Business


The “I Can Too!” Culture

-Firepower for Creating an Unstoppable Business

Just-Blow-it-Up-3D-PNG“The first wall you will encounter is your own conditioning. The next wall, and the next, and the next, will be the conditioning of other people.”

What is a business really? At its essence, a business is nothing more than one or more people creating something so valuable that one or more other people will pay for it.

What is an “unstoppable” business? It’s that business whose people keep on creating more and more value, regardless of the challenges they face.

The business doesn’t create value. The business doesn’t overcome challenges. The people in the business create the value and overcome the challenges.

Do your people know how to say “I can too. Just watch me!” or are you more likely to hear “But we can’t because…”

If your people believe they can’t, your business will stop growing. It really is that simple.

“Champions say ‘I can’ after every win. They also say ‘I can’ after every defeat.”

The message they’ll take away:
  • There is always something you can do that will make the next step possible.
  • If you can’t do it that way, then find another way to do it.
  • Maybe you couldn’t do it yesterday, how can you do it today?
  • Perfectionism is a form of fear, master it!
  • We don’t do anything alone – even what we create on our own is founded on the input of others.

“What others call a miracle is really just the power of the mind, and determined, directed action, coming together.”

Dixie has led teams as an internal manager and as a management consultant. She’s coached business leaders for over 20 years. She knows firsthand the importance of attitude, conditioning, and culture in creating an unstoppable business.

In this presentation, Dixie marries her years of business experience and her understanding of group dynamics, with her unique perspective on the barriers we build to keep us from going where we said we wanted to go.

The tools they’ll take away:
  • How to recognize where their beliefs and assumptions are creating artificial barriers.
  • How to leverage “group power” to make possible what could never happen when working independently.
  • How to redesign goal statements to create awareness of creative opportunities.
  • How to reverse the fear response most people have when faced with risk.
  • How to challenge the platitudes and clichés that say there is only one path to success.
  • How to determine next steps – and take them!


pdf speakersheet

Dixie Gillaspie Speaker Sheet 2013