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What is Your Pain Inviting You to Do?

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You’ve probably heard of ‘pattern interrupts.” If not, no worries. It’s not a complicated concept. You use pattern interrupts every day, and probably never notice. Let’s say you have a pattern of chewing your thumbnail when you’re working on a difficult problem. So you put a bandage on that thumb so you’ll notice when you’re about to chew the nail. Boom! That interrupts your pattern, makes you aware of what you’re doing, and (theoretically at least) trains you out of that pattern. Or you notice you’re in a downward spiral of overwhelm and frustration. So you take a deep breath, go for a walk, call a buddy, whatever stops that pattern. That’s a pattern interrupt. But here’s the trick with pattern interrupts – you have to realize you’re in a pattern that needs interrupting! We all have patterns. And,...

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Martin Luther King and Holly Berries

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Sometimes it takes a long time for dreams to bear fruit. We all know that Martin Luther King had a dream. It has been 50 years since he shared it with us. In Just Blow It Up, I shared the story of speaking to an audience on Martin Luther King Day and having to follow an almost perfect rendition of the “I Have a Dream” speech. The moment when I took that stage, tears still stinging in my eyes and the iconic words still ringing in my ears, will always be one of the richest and most memorable moments in my speaking career. I really didn’t know what I could say that would not pale next to that bright hopeful thing that was the dream he left for us. Then I remembered a story of my own. One from...

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Can Your Inner Artist Save Your Life (or at least your bacon?)

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  I’ve had a lot of days this last year when I felt a lot like this old typewriter. Worthless, rusty, archaic and unable to create anything at all. When you’re a writer, that sucks. Because writers are, by preference if not definition, artists. And artists are, supposedly anyway, creative by nature. So when my creative nature starts feeling like an old friend whose address I’ve gone and lost, I experience an identity crisis. I begin to question what I’m going to do, if I cannot create. Because every aspect of what I do – writing blogs and books, holding conversations with audiences,  group or individual coaching – requires that I be able to create. So I begin to question how I’m going to pay the bills, if I cannot create. I begin to question what I’m worth, if...

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How Big is Big Enough?

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If I hear one more person say “If your dreams/goals/vision doesn’t scare you half to death it’s because it isn’t big enough.”

THAT would make me scream.

Not because there’s no truth in it. But because, like so many axioms, it’s only the tip of the truth iceberg.

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Just As I Am

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  One of the little “doses of dynamite” that I’ve jotted down in my journal says: “If I have to be someone I’m not in order to do what I want to do then I need to reexamine either what I want or who I think I am.” I don’t share these musings from my journals as Daily Dose of Dynamite emails until I’m ready to unpack them, and this one wasn’t ready to be unpacked. Until now. On a group coaching call this morning with my Dynamite U members, we talked about an opportunity one of our members had been given. We discussed how she could make it more successful and how she would define success. And she said to me, “I know a lot of people think I should be doing this, or doing that, but I’m...

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