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Would You Know a True Dream if it Bit You?

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So what is a “true dream?” I think it is simply a thought, an idea, a mental representation of something we believe is not true for us now, but which we desire to make true.

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Free to a Good Home – Dreams

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I’ve been cleaning out my closet. And I’m getting rid of a lot. Of dreams. Not because they are too big. Not because they are too small either. But because they aren’t right for me. Here we are, about to begin another year. Arguably, we begin a new year every day. But we, the “civilized people of the Western World” have chosen to designate January 1 as the beginning of a New Year, and it’s as good a date as any to spend in celebration and contemplation. (Side note: birthdays are also good. Sundays too. As are Wednesdays and anniversaries and days of no consequence whatsoever except that they are your days to do with as you choose.) So, in this week of celebration and contemplation leading up to the magical moment when the clock is reset and time...

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The Answer is 42 – What Was The Question?

Posted in Blog, Unlimited Life, Unstoppable Business | 5 comments

Sometimes the answer is not a response to the question, but in finding the right question to ask. In a previous post, which included my answer to what The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author, Douglas Adams, called “The Ultimate Question of Life the Universe and Everything,” I mentioned that we’d be revisiting the question, and the answer. Over the course of his series of novels, Adams takes us on a hilarious journey with his unlikely hero, Arthur Dent. Dent is a survivor of the planet Earth which, we learn, was actually built as a complex computer to discover the Ultimate Question. Another computer, Deep Thought, had been built to determine the Ultimate Answer, and after seven and a half million years had reached a conclusion. The Ultimate Answer, Deep Thought said, was 42. When the beings who had...

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You DO Have a Magic Wand!

Posted in Blog, Unlimited Life, Unstoppable Business | 2 comments

Ah magic! We all have it. But so often we close ourselves to our own magic and look to others for the transformations we want to create in our selves and in our businesses. So I offer all prospects and clients a full disclaimer – “I do not have magic wands or magic pills. This transformation is going to take work on your part.” Of course, we DO work magic together when the fit is right – and the resulting explosions are just as exciting and fulfilling for me as they are for the people I work with. That’s because I’m working in MY “magic circle” – that place in the wizard’s diagram where gifts, talents, experience, expertise, and LOVE all intersect. It took me a lot of years and botched recipes in the cauldron to find that intersection....

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And the Sensible Response is…

Posted in Blog, Perpetual Happiness, Unlimited Life | 8 comments

  I’ve been quiet lately. There is precedent for that, but I’ll admit it isn’t a frequent occurrence. The last time must have been when I was about three. So I don’t remember much about it. But I’ve heard stories. Mostly from my mother. She was there. In her story, I was nattering on about something arcane (arcane, at least, to a grown up.) She never did say what I was on about. For all I know, I was theorizing about “Life, the Universe, and Everything” even back then. My mother must have found my theories about as meaningful as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (in which, if you remember, the computer, “Deep Thought,” was asked to provide an answer for Life, the Universe and Everything and yielded an answer of “42.” More on that later…) At any rate, her...

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