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Leading With My Left

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What happens when you ignore a “pattern interrupt?” When that pattern interrupt is your body trying to tell you that something is amiss (I wrote about the pattern interrupt we call pain in the last post) you end up learning a few more lessons. As I mentioned in that post, the last 18 months have offered many personal and professional challenges. I got sick, I published one book and completed another. I lost some friends, I gained some amazing but challenging clients. I had pain… I kept working. None of those things are unconnected, of course. While many of my friends and clients either have published books or have a goal of doing so, I had never considered myself a Writer (a writer, sure, but that was just a job requirement – to be a Writer with a Capital W meant...

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Is that ALL That You Yam?

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“Are you using ‘I am what I am’ as an excuse for being less than you can be?”

Even that isn’t ALL that I am. Because like you, I am more than I can guess, dream or comprehend. I am always becoming what I am, and the more that I become the more that I can be.

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Coaching Yourself to Win

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“Words that are UPlifting always get better results than those that are DOWNputting” While reading about tennis legend, Martina Navratilova I came across a story about one of her first tennis coaches. It seems that this coach was egging the young Martina on by saying things like “if you play like that you’ll never be a professional champion,” while telling anyone who asked that the ONLY female player she was coaching who stood a chance was Martina. Martina, despairing of ever being good enough to please her coach, nearly left the game. She didn’t quit – in fact, she was the Number One player for 7 years and still plays on the World Team Tennis circuit as a guest celebrity. Her career wins include 18 singles and 41 doubles Grand Slam titles, including a record 9 Wimbledons, and a...

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