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The Lesson of the Rescued Baby Bear

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“Sometimes it isn’t about what we want to do. It’s about what we’re CALLED to do.”

Now I don’t mean a “divine calling.” At least not one that comes from outside of ourselves. I mean the inner voice that tells us what we must do in order to accomplish what is most important, in order to achieve our heart’s deepest desire. That little voice of our highest and best self. The one we so often drown out in doubts, fears, shoulds, and can’ts.

You see, my non-conscious mind, the part that is aware of our connection to each other and the universe, felt called by something even more urgent. I procrastinated that walk until the little voice inside said “go NOW.”
That voice knows it isn’t about what we want to DO.

It’s really about what we want to BECOME.

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A Boston Marathoner’s Question – “Where Does the Love Go?”

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Monday, April 15, 2013 the news reached me. I’d taken Sunday away from the computer and all news channels, spending the day with those I love (including a couple of furry critters) so I didn’t know about the explosions in Boston until Monday morning. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in checking the Facebook profiles of the runners I know – hoping that none of them decided to run the Boston this year. And feeling a little guilty at the immense relief I felt at reading their status updates – shock and prayers for those affected, but all of them safely out of the danger zone.  Because I know that the fact that no one I know and love was harmed doesn’t reduce the impact that this has on all of us. Because I know that the ripples of any event...

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Do You Dare (Not) to Cry?

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What is a tear worth? If you’re a public figure, like the president of a country, it can mean a major shift in approval ratings. And we’re all public figures with approval ratings, aren’t we? Sometime or another we will all look into the eyes of one or more people whose approval matters to us, and we will ask them to believe when we tell them how we feel. It might happen in a boardroom, in front of press cameras, or face-to-face with the most important person in your life.  Someday, your ability to control what your body says is in your heart will become vital to your future success – in business, in love, in life. Will your conditioning keep you from being believed? I’m not going to speculate whether or not Obama’s tears over the killings in Connecticut were...

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Do You Dare to Love?

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  It Felt Love How Did the rose Ever open its heart And give to this world All its Beauty? It felt the encouragement of light Against its Being, Otherwise, We all remain Too Frightened. ~ Hafiz (trans. by Daniel Ladinsky) I’m sure that you, like me, have read the social media and blog posts today. Perhaps you’ve also read the news, or listened, or watched, as the stories of violence and death, and heroism and hate, have unfolded in Connecticut.   Then there are the posts and news stories that tell us what we should be doing – gun control and armed guards in the schools. Even posts suggesting that we require our teachers to go through combat training and do their work armed for battle as is necessary in Israel.  There are posts that tell us this is...

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Did You Embrace Black Friday?

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 “Fear can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Unless you learn to embrace it you will spend your life either running or fighting.”  My inbox saw a lot of DELETE activity this weekend. Subject lines beginning with “Don’t Miss Out,” or “Almost Gone!” or “Tomorrow Will Be Too Late!!” were deleted before I even glanced at the sender’s identity. Maybe I missed out on the best deal of my life, but I also bypassed a lot of hassle and stress. That’s also why I do not shop on “Black Friday.” Because I will not allow fear-based messages to take up space in my mind. Here are three things I DO embrace about those messages: They remind me of my Power of Consent (a phrase coined by my friend Richard Bach that I use often.) Each time a...

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Who Are You When You Can’t Be Who You Were?

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Life throws us curve balls. And sometimes, it throws us Mack trucks. This week, the lesson of what those Mack trucks can do FOR our lives tapped me on the shoulder at least three times. The first tap was a link to a video sent to me by Frank McKinney. (Author of The Tap – no coincidence there!) In a Facebook chat he’d challenged me to leave both ego and humility at the door, and strut my stuff like a peacock. It was a great exercise, he said, and one that women in particular seem reluctant to even attempt. The TED Talk he forwarded to me, by social psychologist Amy Cuddy, bears that out. The talk is about the effect that our body language has, not only on how OTHER people feel about us, but on how we feel...

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