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What Do You Make People Do?

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In my last post, Who Are You When You Can’t Be Who You Were, I mused about what happens when something that defined us, something that we considered part of our very identity, changes. That started me thinking about all the things that we allow to define us. Our age, our gender, our favorite sports team, our occupation. Of course, my “occupation” is a coach. Not that I can list that on most government forms, I have to revert to “consultant” for those. But, while I still bring my business consulting background to the table, my greatest talent lies, not in providing answers, but in asking the questions that help my clients connect the dots and discover their own answers. So when does “helping clients discover their own answers” become part of my identity? I think the danger zone,...

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10 Ways to be Fruitful When the Garden is Burning

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Whether you live in a part of the world where you endure the hot, dry days of summer, or somewhere that is like paradise every day, we all know what those hot, dry spells feel like in our life. Someone “turned up the heat” and suddenly, our life feels like a pressure cooker. Things that “flowed” yesterday become cracked, dry, stream beds. The last thing you feel is “fruitful” or productive. I’ve come to recognize that there are 10 universal factors to whether or not you reap an abundant harvest after a hot, dry spell. So while you can’t control the temperature. Or the rainfall. You CAN control your growing conditions and your mindset. In fact, you can control everything on this list. Let’s begin! 1.) Know your true nature and its value. A tomato doesn’t try to be...

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Fantasy to the Rescue!

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~ Walt Disney Ah, the things we fantasized about as children! Before anyone told us we were just being silly, when we still believed in talking mice and Hobbits, and thought being a nurse or a firefighter would be exciting but not really work. A time when we believed that the only reason we couldn’t do anything was because a grownup said “no” and that when we were the grownups we would be able to do anything we wanted. Then we grew up. In my last article we explored the four steps to moving a fantasy through the stages of dreaming to visioning to creating a reality. Every time I speak about this at least one person says “but some fantasies just aren’t possible.” And...

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From the Bottom of My Soul

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“I believe, from the bottom of my soul…” One of the most powerful phrases you’ll ever hear. I heard that phrase about two months ago, and the conviction in the soft voice stopped my pen from taking notes, pulled my eyes from my notebook to the woman on the stage, and snagged every tendril of thought from where they had been roaming, to focus fully on what was coming next. What came next was one story after another, confirming, validating, solidifying something that I also believe, from the bottom of my soul. Leadership isn’t a role, it doesn’t require a title. It is a way of life. That’s just one of the things that Colleen Barrett, President Emerita of Southwest Airlines, recipient of this year’s Go-Giver Lifetime Achievement Award, co-author (with Ken Blanchard) of Lead With Luv: A Different...

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The Answer is 42 – What Was The Question?

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Sometimes the answer is not a response to the question, but in finding the right question to ask. In a previous post, which included my answer to what The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author, Douglas Adams, called “The Ultimate Question of Life the Universe and Everything,” I mentioned that we’d be revisiting the question, and the answer. Over the course of his series of novels, Adams takes us on a hilarious journey with his unlikely hero, Arthur Dent. Dent is a survivor of the planet Earth which, we learn, was actually built as a complex computer to discover the Ultimate Question. Another computer, Deep Thought, had been built to determine the Ultimate Answer, and after seven and a half million years had reached a conclusion. The Ultimate Answer, Deep Thought said, was 42. When the beings who had...

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You DO Have a Magic Wand!

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Ah magic! We all have it. But so often we close ourselves to our own magic and look to others for the transformations we want to create in our selves and in our businesses. So I offer all prospects and clients a full disclaimer – “I do not have magic wands or magic pills. This transformation is going to take work on your part.” Of course, we DO work magic together when the fit is right – and the resulting explosions are just as exciting and fulfilling for me as they are for the people I work with. That’s because I’m working in MY “magic circle” – that place in the wizard’s diagram where gifts, talents, experience, expertise, and LOVE all intersect. It took me a lot of years and botched recipes in the cauldron to find that intersection....

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