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Coaching YOUR Way

I recognize that every one of my clients is unique. Each of you has unique gifts, challenges, preferences and styles. So no one approach to coaching will serve everyone who wants to engage me as a coach and success partner.

I encourage you to have a conversation with me about the coaching approach and schedule you feel will best serve you.  However, here are the approaches that have been most successful.


Coaching Intensive:

If you have a brick wall on the path in front of you and you want it moved fast, you may want to begin with a coaching intensive. These single one-on-one sessions are designed to have you on the other side of that wall in less than 30 days!

This is your solution if you:

  • Hear yourself saying “I always seem to” followed by something you do not want to happen, or “I never can seem to” followed by something you do want to happen.
  • Hear yourself saying “What I really want to do is…” followed by something you have never been able to accomplish and aren’t on target to accomplish now.
  • Hear yourself saying “I know what I want to accomplish, but I’m not sure where to start.”

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to change what you hear yourself saying to “I can too do that, and I did!” you’re probably ready to schedule a coaching intensive. Just complete this form and I will contact you within one business day to discuss your objectives and design your first session.

 Mastermind Group:

The Blast Thru Coaching™ Mastermind Groups are still focused on eliminating the brick walls in your path, but adding the power of group synergy to propel you forward. These groups provide consistent momentum, supported by my coaching and the input and accountability of other group members.

This is your solution if you:

  • Hear yourself saying “Being an entrepreneur is lonely and I’m tired of working on my own.”
  • Hear yourself saying “I never know which ideas are good and which ones I should scrap. I need to bounce them around and get some qualified feedback.”
  • Hear yourself saying “I don’t know where to start finding the resources I need to grow my business.”
  • Hear yourself saying “I know I need to make a plan and work it, but I’m not sure what that plan should be.”

I limit these groups to no more than six entrepreneurs and I screen all applicants. So you are always getting focused time and attention from me and working with other energized and committed entrepreneurs.

We combine group and private phone calls, email and even IM chat, with group accountability, ideation, hot seat exercises and guided goal setting and action planning.

If you are a motivated, committed and energized entrepreneur (or you have the entrepreneurial mindset of owning your career, your outcomes and how you make an impact in the world,) you’ve decided you are ready to create EXPLOSIVE results and you don’t want to do it alone, we’ll talk about how one of my Mastermind Groups can be part of your solution. Complete this form and  I will contact you within one business day to schedule our first conversation!

Coaching Courses: 

I design my coaching courses to incorporate some group coaching while teaching you the techniques I’ve used to create vision, action, and momentum in my life and business. These programs are based on the vital elements of my own progress and allow me to share the knowledge and wisdom I’ve accumulated walking my own path to success.

You’ll find a description of my Group Coaching Courses HERE.

Private Coaching:

I accept a limited number of private coaching clients. These clients work one-on-one with me weekly, and have unlimited access to me via email or additional laser-focused sessions between our regularly scheduled calls.

This is intense, outcome-focused work. I encourage you not to consider this coaching method unless you are ready to dive deep into your belief systems, consider all options and opportunities for personal and professional growth, and give your full devotion and energy to your success.

This program is momentum based – I do not accept clients who are not willing to give themselves a full 90 days of no-holds-barred blasting thru.

If you would like to review a sample agreement for private coaching, or if you feel you are ready to discuss your options and objectives with me, please complete this form and  I will contact you within one business day to schedule our first conversation!