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Dixie by the fire


Why would you choose to work with a coach?

Because you want change, even transformation. You want your life to be different. And for your life to be different, you know YOU have to be different.

Maybe you want more of something – time, money, joy, peace of mind…

Maybe you want less of something – struggle, doubt, pain, stress…

Maybe you’re thinking, “That all sounds good, and sure, you’ve helped other people do all that, but I can’t because…”

Every “can’t” is a brick. When you accept enough of them you build a wall. You can beat your head against that wall or you can blast thru it and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

If you’ve read the About Page, you already know some of the things I believe. Here are a few more…

 I BELIEVE that every one of you has the right-now potential to achieve anything you want, experience anything you want, and become anything you want.

 I BELIEVE that “can’t” isn’t a word, it’s a choice. It isn’t even a real word, after all. It’s a contraction. For “can not.” And you can choose “can not” or you can choose “can.”

 I BELIEVE that nothing is impossible, every destination you choose has a path that will take you to it, and you have the power to walk that path. Or not.

I’m not saying you’re “just making excuses.” Or that if you wanted it enough you’d “just do it.”

I’m not suggesting that it will be easy. Only that it is simple.

Whatever change you want, whatever “brick wall” you want to blast thru, the process begins with YOU.

In my years of coaching (more than 15 of them) I’ve discovered a few truths.

I’VE DISCOVERED that transformational change is not a project, it is a process. It isn’t something you manage, it’s something you direct and nurture.

I’VE DISCOVERED that the old saying is true; “you cannot see the picture when you’re in the frame.” I have coaches and mentors in my life who do for me what I do for my clients. That is how I’ve built my success so far.

I’VE DISCOVERED that there are several elements to a successful coach and client partnership.

  •  MUTUALLY AGREED UPON OUTCOMES – it might go without saying, but I like to say it; our work together is designed to create change, outcomes, results… Call it what you will, you won’t be the same after working with me. For all that my clients rave about the experience of working with me, the benefit has to be more than the experience, but rather the experience must support a client-defined outcome.
  •  MUTUALLY VALUED PRINCIPLES – In a coaching relationship, principles and philosophies form the foundation of working “chemistry.” I know that any client who doesn’t value my principles won’t benefit working with me, nor will I enjoy working with them.
  •  MUTUALLY AGREED UPON EXPECTATIONS – This is so important that I include it in my private coaching agreement. Here is an excerpt:

 What you can expect from me

  • You can expect me to be honest, even blunt, in calling your attention to patterns, habits, mindsets or actions that do not serve your purpose or put you closer to your objective. You can also expect me to be respectful, compassionate and kind.
  • You can expect me to offer direction and suggestions. You can also expect me to respect your choices if you decide to ignore them.
  • You can expect me to challenge you and probe for the root of any barrier standing in your way. You can also expect me to back off if you ask that I do so.
  • You can expect me to recommend action items and provide accountability. You can also expect me to allow you to refuse to do what you need to do if you so choose.
  • You can expect me to come into our sessions together prepared and focused.
  • You can expect me to respond within 24 hours to any request that is NOT marked as urgent and to respond as soon as humanly possible to any urgent request.

What I expect from you

  • I expect you to come into our work together committed and determined. I also expect that you will have concerns, even fears.
  • I expect you to strive to have an open mind and consider any theory or suggestion I offer as “possibly valid” before you discard it. I also expect you to trust your own instincts about what is right for you.
  • I expect you to approach the “mindset” and the “skillset” as equally vital to your success. I also expect that there will be times that one or the other will seem more important, or easier, for you.
  • I expect you to come into our sessions together prepared and focused.
  • I expect you to let me know if you are stuck or struggling or if you are not able to complete the action items you committed to. I also expect you to be reasonable, fair and kind to yourself in setting expectations.

I’ll reflect your beliefs and behaviors from the perspective of an expert observer. I’ll see habits, belief systems, mannerisms, language patterns and relationship pitfalls that are so familiar to you that you cannot see what they are costing you.

I’ll ensure that you honor progress when you feel like you’re taking more steps back than you are forward. I’ll keep you plugged into why those tasks are vital to your outcomes. I’ll monitor your commitments and pull you back on track when “bright shiny objects” tempt you to run after fool’s gold.

I’ll offer suggestions for improvement based on my experience, expertise and observations, improvements that you could not imagine because you are, as we said, “in the frame.” I’ll also contribute my imagination to your ideation process, usually resulting in bigger, and yet more practical, dreams than you would have created on your own.

I’ll partner with you to formulate a strategy and action plan – the bridge that takes you from the point of getting crystal clear on where you are and where you want to go, to turning big dreams into practical realities.

My role as your coach is to be a partner and guide as you move toward your desired outcome. I don’t define the destination, that’s up to you. But I do work with you to chart your course, maintain momentum and adjust direction as needed. My role is to make sure you have the tools, knowledge and insights you need to blast through to stratospheric success. Your role is to do the blasting.

While experience and methodology is important, the real magic of working with a coach happens when you find one who “get’s” you. Someone who understands and believes in the outcomes you want to achieve. Someone who can zero in on the things that are holding you back. That’s when the transformation process becomes really powerful. We won’t know if I’m the right coach for you until we have a conversation. I’m ready when you are.

I suggest you start by reading what my clients have said about working with me. If you’d like to explore the opportunity to work together to achieve some of those same outcomes, please go to the Contact Page and send me a request for a Discovery Conversation. That is exactly what it sounds like, our opportunity to have a conversation and discover whether or not we should work together and, if so, how I can best serve you.

Most of my coaching programs are offered as group masterminds or one-on-one engagements, single session intensives or a coaching process. I offer three of my most effective (and therefore in demand) methods as Group Courses. Since my clients are spread throughout North America, most of my clients work with me via phone, Skype and email, but I always enjoy the opportunity for face-to-face sessions if I am in your area.