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It’s easy to say “Never say can’t” isn’t it?

If you are like most of my clients, you dream big and you think big. You work hard – because when you’re working at something you love, it feels like play.

If you have big dreams you’ve probably encountered some big walls – they tend to go together. And if you have, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in some really good company.

It’s true, all of us encounter “brick walls” in our path to realizing our dreams. Those are the barriers, challenges, belief systems, perceived limitations and doubts that cause us to struggle, or even stop trying.

Most of my clients start our conversation with “What I REALLY want to do is….” But then they add “But I can’t because…”

That’s why they come to me, after all – to blast through that brick wall of “can’t.”

That’s probably why you’re here too. Because you have a big dream, something you REALLY want to do, and you aren’t doing it… yet!

Or maybe it’s because you know you have something REALLY big inside of you, a dream that you haven’t even dared to dream, and you want to figure out what you REALLY want to do.

Either way, I’d love to help.

 How did those brick walls get there, anyway? And why can’t you get through them on your own?

Even the best intentioned people hand us “bricks.” They tell us we can’t because they don’t want to see us try and fail. They tell us we should do something other than what our passion is driving us to do, because they truly believe we are making a poor choice. In fact, the very people who are most firmly on our side are often the same people who are most instrumental in helping us build brick walls.

You see, most of us just meekly take those bricks of “you can’t” and “you should” and mortar them into place. We set aside our passion, we abandon the purpose we are called to fulfill, and we follow the path of least resistance; the path that everyone else directs us to follow. Our passion dies, our light dims, and our dreams get filed away as fantasies.

Whatever the materials that have gone into building the walls, we have two choices; we can either let them stand and try to find another path that brings fulfillment into our life or we can find a way to Blast Thru them and continue on the path of our desires.

It is tempting to settle, to decide that where you are is good enough, or at least it’s as far as you can go. But you have dreams of going further. You know you have more to achieve and more to offer.

Whether you choose to work with me as part of a Blast Thru Mastermind Group, take one of my Coaching Courses on the Blast Thru Coaching(TM) Method, or apply to work with me one-on-one, I’d be honored to play a part in getting you on the other side of your brick walls!