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Your Daily Dose of Dynamite is Waiting

A little dose of dynamite makes every day a blast!
It won’t change your life (that’s up to you!)
It will change how you think, and how you think determines how you change your life!


Daily Dose of Dynamite


We’re packing the dynamite and laying out the fuse.

Of course there’s a form, gotta give the elves in charge of explosions something to work with.

But when you’ve completed the form, and confirmed your email with us, those elves will get your first dose headed your way!

Oh, a couple of things you need to know; we won’t charge you for these explosions. Ever.
And we won’t share your information with anyone outside of our organization either.
(None of us like spam any more than you do!)

And something YOU need to do; add to your contacts,
or at least keep an eye on your spam folder in case anĀ over zealous spam filter
tries to keep you from getting your Daily Dose of Dynamite.

That should do it, now about that form…

Dose-of-Dynamite-Thin line.JPG

Daily Dose of Dynamite

Dose-of-Dynamite-Thin line.JPG

“Changing the world isn’t an option – it’s a given. Everything you do changes the world.
The question is, what impact will you choose to have on the world today?”

How about letting us help you set it on fire!