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Perpetual Happiness


A Thought Can Do That

-Firepower for Unwrapping the Gift of Perpetual Happiness

thought book stackPerhaps most people would call Dixie’s childhood “troubled” or even “tragic.” But Dixie calls it a gift.

 In this chapter of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever; How One Inspiration Can Unleash Your True Potential and Transform the World, co-authored with Dr. Christian Guenette, Gillian Laura Roberts, Dr. Bernie Seigal, and others, Dixie shares her story in a way she has never shared it before.

Bluntly, but beautifully, she outlines the year that transformed her from a carefree, precocious, sunshine-filled child into a despairing, rebellious and suicidal teen – and how a book reached out and saved her life.

It was the year she fell in love, the year she started High School, the year she rebelled against her parents cult-like religion, and the year her father beat her head against a plaster wall until her face was black and blue.

It was the year she gave up on love, and on life. Until she found Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach.

Or, as she says, until that book found her.

Although she has often told her audiences “Richard Bach, a man I will never meet, had such an impact on my life that I decided not to die,” she has since met the author and had many conversations with him about the ideas he shared in Illusions and other books.

In this presentation, Dixie shares the wisdom of that book, and the wisdom she has accumulated since that year – about owning your right to be happy, and your right to make choices in your life.


The message they’ll take away:
  • Your happiness is your responsibility, and if you aren’t happy it’s your problem to solve.
  • If you accept that problem as your own, you will find a solution.
  • Once you accept that problem as you own, there will be people all around who want to help you solve it.
  • You cannot be responsible for making someone else happy.
  • You can have the privilege of helping someone else find their happiness.

“There is no lesson without a gift for you in its hands. We choose our problems because we need their gifts.”
~ Richard Bach, The Messiah’s Handbook

Dixie has spent her life unwrapping this gift, and now she is sharing it with others who want to learn to unwrap the gifts of their own life lessons.

Lessons learned from her personal story, and from her friend and mentor, the “man she would never meet,” are woven throughout this presentation to help your audience leave with the same realization that Dixie reached when she was only 14 years old:

“As long as I can be happy, I can be creative, I can be productive, I can fulfill a purpose! And as long as I can fulfill a purpose, I can be happy. My happiness is my right, and my responsibility.”


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Dixie Gillaspie Speaker Sheet 2013