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Not just another “You can do it!” inspirational guru – Dixie delivers real “firepower” in her hard-won wisdom, unique perspectives, and step-by-step process for changing your operating system from, “But I can’t because…” to, “I can too, just watch me!

Whether you are an attendee or an organizer, you want to leave both inspired and enlightened. You want solid content delivered with energy and engagement.

Regardless of the topic or the format, that is exactly what  Dixie delivers.


Who is Dixie Gillaspie?

I’m a small town girl, transplanted to the city. My clients range from solopreneurs around the world, to rural brick and mortar third-generation businesses, to multi-national enterprises.

I am in love with the entrepreneurial spirit, and in awe of what someone who adopts the mindset of the entrepreneur can do – whether or not they own a business. Because the entrepreneurial mindset is one of taking ownership in every aspect of life.

While I think of myself as more of a “storyteller and teacher” than a “speaker,” I’ve had the honor of sharing event stages with many of the speakers and thought leaders I admire most. People like Bob Burg, Scott Ginsberg, Dondi ScumaciMark Sanborn, Mitch Matthews,  and President Emerita of Southwest Airlines, Colleen Barrett.

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“Dixie teaches you how to change the mind of fate itself. To understand that the barrier you’re facing is actually the result of an opportunity presenting itself. I have met few who can do this. Inspiration wears off. Aspiration can change your DNA and stays with you your entire life.”

Frank McKinney – 5x bestselling author, including The Tap (


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“Dixie’s stage presence and her ability to integrate her presentation with an audience are both artful.  It’s as though the audience knows her personally”

~Jason Stroede, Financial Planner with Clarus Wealth Management


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“Dixie can captivate an audience of hundreds or engage with workshop participants one on one. She shares stories of inspiration, then brings the lesson home with powerful application methods and penetrating questions. I’ve been in the back row of her large audiences and felt no less of her fantastic energy than I did sitting in a workshop of only a dozen people. I always get more than I bargained for and I’m always glad I was there!”

~ Dr. Douglas Fox


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“I can”t stop thinking about it. The talk you gave was not only unique, the questions you posed inspired me to reach down deep into myself and pull out things I never even knew were there. The inspiration and insight you provided didn’t evaporate the moment I left the conference room. Listening to you not only helped to transform my career, it helped to transform my thinking about my career. This has given me the ability to duplicate my successes over and over again. This will be a continuous evolution. WOW! That’s powerful stuff.”

~ Debbie Taylor, Mortgage Banker with USA Mortgage



pdf speakersheet

Dixie Gillaspie Speaker Sheet 2013


Most Requested Presentation Topics:


Just Blow It Up
-Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life

Taken from her explosive new book, Just Blow It Up, released from Sound Wisdom in April, 2013, Dixie shares irrefutable proof that the idea that life has limitations really is a fallacy that we need not accept for ourselves.

In this firepower-packed presentation, Dixie takes on issues like negative self-talk and the permission we give others to sabotage our happiness. She tackles sacrifice and procrastination, failure and surrender. She gives examples of how fear can play a role in creating success, and how to escape from the “crabs” who try to hold us back. She illustrates the Four Types of Walls that are most destructive to big dreams and daily goals.

She also shares a step-by-step process for challenging the barriers, weakening the walls, and finally applying the real dynamite to blast right on thru!



The “I Can Too!” Culture
-Firepower for Creating an Unstoppable Business

What is a business really? At its essence, a business is nothing more than one or more people creating something so valuable that one or more other people will pay for it.

What is an “unstoppable” business? It’s that business whose people keep on creating more and more value, regardless of the challenges they face.

Do your people know how to say “I can too. Just watch me!” or are you more likely to hear “But we can’t because…”

If your people believe they can’t, your business will stop growing. It really is that simple.

In this presentation, Dixie applies the entrepreneurial themes from Just Blow It Up to creating a culture of ownership and ability in organizations of any size.



A Thought Can Do That
Firepower for Unwrapping the Gift of Perpetual Happiness

In this chapter of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever; How One Inspiration Can Unleash Your True Potential and Transform the World, Dixie shares her story in a way she has never shared it before. Bluntly, but beautifully, she outlines the year that transformed her from a carefree, precocious, sunshine-filled child into a despairing, rebellious and suicidal teen – and how a book reached out and saved her life.

In this presentation, Dixie shares the wisdom of that book, and the wisdom she has accumulated since that year – about owning your right to be happy, and your right to make choices in your life.



The Go-Giver and The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success

As the Master Certified Go-Giver Coach, Dixie is also often asked to speak on the wisdom shared in the book by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

The Go-Giver, is an international best-seller translated into 19 other languages  with over 200,000 copies sold, is a parable that focuses on the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and how they can be applied to life and to business.

For more information about having Dixie share these materials and programs, please visit her Go-Giver Coach website.